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Client Experience

Did you know that when working with large recruitment firms that it can take upwards of 6 – 9 months to fill positions with successful candidates? The reason is that recruiters from large search firms can have anywhere from 10+ positions to fill at any one time, which means that it will be challenging for you to receive the dedicated service you deserve and require. At Adaptive Business Consulting, we guarantee that we will have no more than three ongoing searches for positions to fill. This will guarantee that not only will we be able to find suitable candidates in a shorter period of time but that you will be able to receive dedicated and quality service levels from our consultants.


We know that finding suitable and successful candidates to fill positions within your company and those who will stay long term is important to you as it means better return on your investment. Finding them in a reasonable amount of time, dedicated client service, working within your budget means more value to you than cost alone. At Adaptive Business Consulting, we don’t have the same overhead as traditional large recruitment firms, which means that we are able to work within your budget and find those suitable and successful candidates at a fraction of what you would normally expect in order to find the best candidates.

Business as Usual

We understand that having a position open in your company is already challenging enough with individuals trying to cover off duties in the interim and also potentially disrupting growth for your organization. With nearly 20 years of experience in Human Resources, the team at Adaptive Business Consulting ask the right questions, we have a vast network of thousands of professionals that we can easily tap into in order to find a potential fit, and we have a track record of successful recruiting to get your organization back to business as usual with the right candidates.

HR Services

Cost Effective Solutions

Your organization may not have the need or requirement to have a full-time Human Resources Manager on payroll. Additionally, there may be some areas within your current HR department that may require consulting on regulations or developing processes to improve the work flow or to streamline only certain segments within Human Resources. Adaptive Business Consulting can meet with you to discuss customized Human Resource services to serve your business needs and be a support to your organization.


With combined experience of over 40 years working in business, including working with fortune 500 companies, our team at Adaptive Business Consulting have the experience to help you develop effective hiring practices, policies, procedures, and manuals to streamline the Human Resources function within your organization.

  • Onboard & Orientation
  • Performance Management
  • Alberta Employment Standards Alignment
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Terminations: Consultations on proper procedure and documentation
  • Inquire for more services

Strategic Planning

Plan for Success

People don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan. In order to have successful results, you first need to identify your goals and objectives, areas of opportunities, your resources and more, and then create a strategic plan and execute it. Many times, businesses know where they want to be, but don’t necessarily know how to get there. The team at Adaptive Business Consulting are ready to work with your team to help build that roadmap so that you can achieve the results you desire.


Knowing how to get somewhere is only a part of the solution. You’ll need the right team who have experience in the various areas and can help execute in those components. We consider those your resources. At Adaptive Business Consulting, we have a network of thousands of trusted professionals that we may suggest working with in order to achieve the results you want.

Leadership Development

Leadership Can Make or Break an Organization

A Manager is a title. A leader is who you can become. We have found that in many cases, employees who have seniority within a company tend to be promoted into leadership positions, however, this can be detrimental to the organization if they are not actually the right fit for the position. Adaptive Business Consulting can help train your executive team to find the right candidates who are already working within your organization.

Alternatively, once we are able to have a discussion about what exactly the right candidate and perfect fit for the position is, we may uncover that the right person to fill a leadership position may not actually be currently working within the organization. We have found that sometimes companies will try to promote leaders from within as a way to reduce costs on recruitment or to reward those who have been with the company a while. When the focus is not on finding someone who is actually the right fit for the leadership position, the consequences of those decisions can be very costly and can have a significant impact to your organization not only in the financials, but what it can do your company morale and retention of staff. Let our experienced team of professionals at Adaptive Business Consulting help you find the right candidates for your leadership positions and once hired, we can also help train and develop them so that everyone can be set up for success.

Coaching Your Coaches

There may be good leaders within your organization right now that with the proper professional development, they can become incredible leaders for your organization. Adaptive Business Consulting have proven leadership training methods to develop individuals to become better leaders. This in turn all helps with higher retention of staff, more motivated and productive team, a more mindful and respectful corporate culture, and leaders who will learn how to earn the respect of their peers rather than demanding it through ineffective and detrimental methods.

Client Testimonials

Within a three week period this summer, J.R. and his team at Adaptive Business Consulting were able to headhunt a 10 year – Master Water Restorer, a second senior technician and a senior Project Manager Assistant.  More remarkable was that all three of these placements were individuals working for major national competitors when J.R. and his team approached them; they were not even looking for a new opportunity at the time!  For recruitment, human resource services, or leadership development, do what I do and call Adaptive Business Consulting Corporation!

Colin Jones, Paul Davis Restoration, Calgary, Alberta

We have worked with Adaptive Business Consulting in the past to fulfill some of our recruitment needs and the outcome of the partnership has always been a successful one. Recently, we chose to use Adaptive Business Consulting to complete a recruitment training session for the management team at our organization. The recruitment training session was professional, informative, interactive and fun. The trainer was enthusiastic with presenting the material, and you could see the passion the trainer had for his line of work. Our management team has gained the knowledge to interview confidently. Thank you so much Adaptive Business Consulting for a job well done!

Danielle Andrade, Human Resources Manager, Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency (URSA), Calgary, Alberta

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